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General Administration Office

Organization Department of CPC Committee (The United Front Work Department)

Publicity Department of CPC Committee

Department of Discipline Inspection, Supervision and Auditing

Department of Human Resources

Department of Student Affairs

Youth League Committee

Department of Financial Affairs

Department of Academic Affairs

Department of Teaching Quality Control and Supervision

Department of Admissions and Career Services

Department of Infrastructure

Department of Research and Development

Department of Assets and Logistics Management

Department of Security

Labour Union

Department of International Relations

Department of Continuing Education and Training


Department of Informatization

Department of Retired Faculty and Staff Affairs

Center for Campus Services

Social Occupations and Vocational Education Research Institute

School of Electronics and Information Engineering

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

School of Computer Technology and Software Engineering

School of Architectural Engineering

School of Business

School of Art Design

School of Foreign Languages and Trade

School of Culture and Communication

School of Tourism and Aviation Services

School of Textile and Fashion Engineering

School of Biological Engineering

School of Light Industry

School of Marxism

Department of Physical Education