Special Major

Special Major

At the anniversary and conference

     On November 27, the 10th Anniversary of partnership between Wuhan Polytechnic (WHPT) and Overseas Chinese University (OCU) as well as the 10th  Cross-Strait Academic Conference 2015 were grandly held in Wuhan  Polytechnic. The theme of the conference is “focusing on majors and  courses, setting up higher vocational college of top quality”. Delegates  attending the event included a delegation of 18 vocational educators  from Taiwan led by the Chairman of the Board of OCU Mr. Chen Botao and  his wife Ms. Zhang Yuan, Prof. Ma Bixue, the former president of WHPT  and current Chairman of Hubei Vocational and Technical Education  Association, Ms. Deng Changqing, Chairwoman of WHPT Council and Mr. Li  Hongqu, President of WHPT. An additional 170 delegates also attended the  conference, including vice-presidents, deans, directors and faculty and  staff representatives of all schools and departments of WHPT, as well  as delegates from higher vocational colleges in Hubei province and from  businesses. The conference was hosted by Mr. Xu Gongjin, the vice  president of WHPT.

     The conference was sponsored by WHPT and  OCU, undertaken by WHPT and assisted by Regional Higher Educational  Development Research Center, a key research base of humanities and  social science in Hubei province. It was held after nine continuously  successful academic conferences between the two schools. At the  conference, President Li Hongqu of WHPT and Dean of Tourism and  Hospitality School of OCU, Mr. Wang Yaoming, gave a theme speech  respectively, and the teaching staff who have contributed to the 10  years’ cooperation between WHPT and OCU and the cross-strait academic  conferences were awarded. In addition, two forums - “Logistics and  Commerce” and “Tourism and Hospitality” were established. 

Deng Changqing, Chairwoman of WHPT Council addressed at the conference

     The conference commenced at 9 a.m. on  November 27. Chairwoman of WHPT Council, Deng Changqing, gave an opening  speech and extended her warm welcome on behalf of WHPT to Chen Botao  and his colleagues as well as guests and scholars at the venue. She  reviewed and summarized the cooperating history between WHPT and OCU and  the Cross-Strait Academic Conferences, analyzed the current economic  and social situation of vocational education and made an expectation on  the cross-strait development tendency and cooperation of higher  vocational education.

     Deng Changqing noted that the partnership  between the two schools started under the push of Ma Bixue, the former  president of WHPT, and Chen Botao, the Chairman of the Board of OCU a  decade ago. Under this partnership, WHPT and OCU have gradually  developed an academic cooperation mechanism of co-sponsoring the  Cross-Strait Academic Conference undertaken annually by both parties in  turn. The pioneering work of the two presidents has laid a solid  foundation for the two schools’ cooperation and exchange. Over the past  ten years, by cooperating with and learning from each other, both  parties have made great progresses. As a result, WHPT has developed into  one of the nation-wide top institutes of higher vocational education  with its excellent school-running performances through two projects -  National Talents Cultivation Level Evaluation and National Exemplary  Higher Vocational Institutes Construction. OCU has also stood out in the  fierce competition and successfully upgraded into a famous university  of science and technology in Taiwan in 2009 from a small technical  college. During the ten years, the cooperation fields and content  between both parties have been constantly widened and innovated, ranging  from academic conferences and faculty exchange to student and student  affairs exchange, from pure academic paper presentation to multi-angle  and diverse exchange in education and teaching, in discipline and course  development, in classroom teaching mode and in administrative  management. These cooperation has led to productive performances. From  2005 until now, the Cross-Strait Academic Conference co-sponsored by  both parties has been held successively for ten times. According to  incomplete statistics, delegates from more than 20 colleges and  universities across strait attended the conference, which not only  included vocational colleges, but also internationally well-known  universities like Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan  University and Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. Over 200  academic papers were presented at the conferences, around 300 teachers  and students from both parties were involved in the academic exchange,  and altogether well over 3000 people attended the conferences.

     Deng Changqing emphasized that opening  promoted development and cooperation produced achievements. Over the  past decade, great changes have taken place across the straits, with the  cooperative communications being more convenient, the cooperative  patterns being more various and the cooperative fields being much  deeper. Standing on the new start of history, she believed the  cross-strait cooperative communication prospects were absolutely more  expansive.

     Deng Changqing indicated that at present  the rapid development and widespread application of modern information  technology such as the Internet, cloud computing, big data were  profoundly changing the human production, living, learning and ways of  thinking, which impressively displayed the prospects of world  development. With the development of information technology, the most  urgent things we needed to do were to promote educational reform and  innovation, build the educational system which is networking, digital,  personalized and lifelong, construct a learning society where all people  learn and can learn anywhere and anytime, and cultivate a large number  of creative talents. Under this background, with the development of  cross-strait economy and industry increasingly in sync, the industrial  structure and talent structure on both sides were facing upgrading  challenges. The industrial upgrading would drive the change of demand  structure of talent cultivation, and the demands for upgrading talent  specification and talent quality. Under this background, it would be a  common issue for vocational colleges across strait how to make talents  with higher vocational education better adapt to market and meet the  needs of industries, how to make efforts to improve the quality of  technical skills training, and how to solve vocational education problems from the supply side.

Chen Botao, Chairman of the Board of OCU Addressed a Speech

     Mr. Chen Botao, Chairman of the Board of OCU  mentioned in his speech that the vocational colleges across strait  should make joint efforts to cultivate more excellent talents for  cross-strait economic development, making efforts to contribute their  strengths for the powerful renaissance of Chinese nation. They should  make efforts to explore and research the new situation and new problems arising from cross-strait educational cooperation.

Awarding Ceremony of the 10th Anniversary of Partnership between WHPT and OCU

     After the grand opening ceremony, the awarding ceremony of the 10th  anniversary of partnership between WHPT and OCU was held. Deng  Changqing and Li Hongqu granted the Merit Awards to Chen Botao and Ma  Bixue; Chen Botao granted Outstanding Contribution Awards to Zhang  Yichan, Peng Zhenyu and Zhang Mingyong from Wuhan Polytechnic. After  that, Vice President of Wuhan Polytechnic, Hu Xuezhi, issued Outstanding  Contribution Awards to Zhang Yuan and Fu Xiuren from OCU.

     In the afternoon, Logistics and Commerce  Forum and Tourism and Hospitality Forum were held in the School of  Business and School of Tourism and Aviation Services of WHPT  respectively. Logistics and Commerce Forum was hosted by Xi Bo, the  Associate Dean of the School of Business, and the other forum by Xiong  Hequn, the Chairwoman of School Council of School of Tourism and  Aviation Services. More than 60 professional teachers from WHPT and OCU  joined the forums and exchanged ideas thoroughly in course development  and discipline construction in the field of logistics and commerce, and  tourism and hospitality.

Logistics and Commerce Forum                 Tourism and Hospitality Forum